Parking Gates & Operators

Parking Gates

There are few people that have not driven through parking gates before. They can be found at parking garages, of course, sports stadiums, and colleges. That is quite an extensive list of places that use these gates and there are as many different forms and types of parking systems using gates as there are places that sell them, almost. A project manager or location supervisor might know what to look for and what is needed, but finding a company that offers it, the custom services that might be needed and the price that makes sense rapidly becomes a major challenge. It can be challenging enough to keep up with these types of facilities, much less having to find new equipment or replacements for older gates.

Parking gates range from simple barrier arms to complete, manned units with integrated security. A company in Oregon may have the right unit but cannot service the Texas area. Another may not have the ability to include a custom security system, and the company that has both covered may be charging way out of budget.

HiTech can help your business with:

  • Protecting valuable assets and sensitive areas
  • Restricting and managing business access
  • Increasing employee safety
  • Eliminate costly re-keying and lock changes

Contact one of our security specialists and we'll help you find the video surveillance solution that's right for your business.


Parking Gate Operators

Parking Gate Operators are used in many commercial applications such as airports and public facilities. These units can be operated automatically by card reader, keypad, telephone entry system, or manually controlled within kiosk.