About Our Company

About our company

HiTech Security, Inc., was founded over 20 years ago in Lynbrook, NY, on the South Shore of Long Island.

We strive to provide top-notch security to individuals and businesses alike within our region as well as surrounding areas and others close by. As a thriving security company, we are planning to establish locations across the United States from coast-to-coast.

HiTech Security Inc. is proud to offer Maintenance and Test & Inspection agreements for a wide array of fire alarm systems.

Preventive testing and maintenance of systems not only provide compliance with NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm Code), state and local codes but they also help keep the system within factory specified parameters. They can also minimize costly repairs and save lives. Maintenance can ensure reliability and the safe, long-term operation of your equipment. Who better to maintain the system than the firm that designed it, provided the equipment for it and programmed and tested it.

All of our maintenance technicians have been factory trained on the equipment. Further, many hold individual qualifications that exceed factory requirements. For instance many hold New York State licenses and NICET certifications. All of the technicians are supervised by our service manager who has over twenty years experience in the industry.

Because of the experience level and diversity of its technicians, HiTech Security can offer maintenance agreements on systems it did not install. HiTech Security has access to a range of products enabling it to fulfill just about any service agreement on any type of system. Often HiTech Security is called by facilities to take over the maintenance because the facility was unhappy with its preceding vendor and HiTech Security was highly recommended to it.

The vast array of maintenance contracts offered by HiTech Security is second to none. Each contract is custom tailored to the individual client's needs. For instance a hotel may require twenty-four hour/seven day a week service while a school might need only five days a week/eight hours per day. HiTech does not believe in selling a client more than it needs. The right maintenance contract for the requisite needs is what HiTech Security seeks to provide.

In addition to providing maintenance contracts on fire alarm systems, HiTech Security also offers contracts on non-code driven systems such as CCTV, Access and Intercom. While there is usually no code mandating service on these types of systems they are still, in fact, security systems that should be maintained, tested and inspected. HiTech Security can be sure that your security systems are operating up to factory specified criteria and can respond to service calls when and if they occur.

HiTech Security has technicians standing by twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for any problem that might arise.

HiTech Security takes great pride in its ability to install any low voltage system imaginable. Our factory trained, union technicians have years of experience in all aspects of installations. We are proud to have participated on installations of many Projects in the NY/NJ area on an annual basis.

A Fire Alarm installation, large or small, can be handled in a professional manner by our staff. Our engineers specify the equipment necessary and create point-to-point CAD drawings for the field technicians to use.

Our service manager oversees each project, from start to completion. Our technicians do whatever is needed on a project: run wire, bend pipe, install devices, program and test the system. Some projects require all of the above services; some require only engineering, programming and testing. Either way, HiTech Security is the company for your fire alarm needs.

Security system installations are handled in much the same manner. Whether it be a CCTV, Access Control, Intercom (voice and/or video), Intrusion or other type of security system rest assured that HiTech Security will provide its client with the most professional installation possible. Similar to fire alarm, HiTech Security will provide everything from engineering and design to final system checkout.

HiTech Security takes the procedures mentioned above and implements them into the other systems it provides: Network Video, Paging systems, PA systems, Audio Video installations.

We stand behind our work! To back up all of our installations is our minimum of a one-year warranty on the labor and materials. Depending upon the type of system installed, the warranty might be longer; check with your HiTech Security salesperson for further details. Additional coverage is available through our highly acclaimed service department.

Contact Ustoday for a consultation on your systems requirements.

• Fire Alarm Monitoring - Classic Systems provides fire alarm monitoring by our U.L. listed central station monitoring company. Our fire alarm monitoring service is specifically approved for New York City as well as the rest of the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

• Security Monitoring- Classic Systems provides a full range of security system monitoring via our U.L. listed central station monitoring company.

HiTech Security offers central station monitoring services for its installations. It also offers monitoring services to clients that did not use HiTech Security for its equipment installation but nevertheless requires monitoring for its facility. HiTech Security offers monitoring for both fire and security systems. To monitor fire alarm in New York City, the firm must be approved by the Fire Department of New York City and the monitoring HiTech Security provides has that approval. All of the monitoring, fire and security, is on a twenty-four hour/ 7 day a week basis and done through a U.L. listed central station monitoring company.

Rest assured that the operators at the central station monitoring company receive regularly scheduled training so that they are current on the latest regulations and technologies. All calls made to the central station monitoring company are recorded and monitored to ensure that operators are efficient and treat the clients in an utmost professional manner. Further they are logged as well as being time and date stamped. Notification to the premise and/or local authorities occurs within seconds of receipt of an alarm signal.

In order to make the monitoring process a simple one for clients, HiTech Security offers the clients the equipment necessary for the monitoring. What this means to the client is simple: one stop shopping. HiTech Security will provide the equipment, programming and monitoring necessary to protect its client's facility.

HiTech Security currently monitors a variety of facilities including: apartment buildings (the core building), retail stores and malls, hotels, offices, day care centers, schools, etc.