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CCTV Video Surveillance

With unlimited camera views, HiTech video surveillance solutions allow for maximum flexibility, range, customization, and remote access, offering help in protecting your home or business - even when you're not on the premises.

HiTech Security video solution can help your business with:

  • Deterrence: Helps cut down shoplifting as well as employee theft.
  • Savings: Could lower insurance costs. Plus, save money immediately by taking advantage of current offers.
  • Employee Well-Being: May help improve employee safety and can help monitor and improve employee productivity.
  • Legal Protection: Can help reduce fraudulent liability or employee claims.

Contact one of our security specialists and we'll help you find the video surveillance solution that's right for your business.

Security Cameras

HiTech carries a full line of closed-circuit television cameras and lenses for your different surveillance needs. We also carry specialty cameras, such as infrared, low-light and night vision cameras.

Digital Recorders

HiTech has a solution for any of your DVR or NVR needs, from a single channel, portable unit for covert surveillance, to a facility-wide distributed enterprise system.


Choose from a full line of monitor types, sizes, resolutions and formats to include LCD, flat panel and LED.

Remote Viewing

Select from a number of methods for remote viewing, from IP-based cameras to web-based browser software.

Networked Video Solutions

Use your IT infrastructure to carry live and archived video to authorized users across your organization.

Quality Service Plan

HiTech offers extended limited warranty protection programs.