Automatic Door Control Systems

Deploy an automatic door control system from HiTech today to effectively operate your automatic doors.
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Programmed doors do not just improve the appeal of any office, but also make straightforward entry for incoming and outgoing passerby activity. This same technology can benefit businesses that utilize forklifts and other substantial machinery and equipment.

Handicap (ADA) capacity operators may be surface mounted to a new or existing entry to make a passageway that may be easily and safely used by individuals utilizing wheelchairs or walkers. These surface mounted operators moreover help clients with strollers, trucks, or large loads, who may generally not have the ability to enter or exit your business in a safe and simplistic manner.

HiTech's Automatic Door Options:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Revolving Doors
  • Swinging Doors

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How do Automatic Door Systems work?

An encoder is mounted to the shaft of the engine to create indicators which are decoded to distinguish the operational position of the sliding entryway framework. A clock paced successive sensibility circuit processes speed, and bearings indicate as per the recognized operational position to control the velocity and heading of the electric engine. Implies are accommodated recording the final stop position and moderating the sliding entryway framework prior to getting to the final stop position.

Protection connotes are given to de-power the engine in the rare occurance of failure of the engine speed control. The framework in addition incorporates a decreased opening stop offer and implies for programmedly securing a sliding entryway reference position.