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HiTech Security Systems Serving New York

An Electronic Security System consists of a control panel connected to various wired or wireless sensors that are designed to detect the presence of an intruder. The upon detection of an intruder, the control panel, using it's digital dialer, internet connection or GSM radio, sends a signal to the central station. The Central station then calls the premises to verify the alarm. If the premises cannot supply the proper password, the operator dispatches the police and notifies the specified parties on the contact list. You can specify whether you wish the police to be contacted first, or last (after calling the call notification list.)

  • Hospital Systems - Out-Patient Surgical Centers
  • Industrial & Commercial Facilities / Compounds
  • Corporate Office Buildings / National Property Managers
  • Churches / Worship Centers & Public Gathering Facilities
  • Condominium / Hospitality / Food Service
  • University Campus & Multi-Site Educational Environments
  • Chemical / Pharm. Distribution & Production Facilities

The physical security of your business premises is paramount. To protect your capital investment and the people who work at or visit your company, HiTech Security alarm systems are designed to help detect intrusion at all levels.

Our comprehensive business burglar alarm security systems can include:

  • Perimeter sensors on doors and windows
  • Interior motion sensors
  • Glass breakage sensors or unusual shock and vibrations in or around the facility.
  • Vault and safe systems
  • Hold-up or panic buttons at key locations
  • Video surveillance systems (both in plain view and with hidden cameras)

Burglar Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance systems can be integrated with your business security system so if there is an intrusion, the system can capture digital images of the scene and the perpetrators.

Business Burglar Alarm Technology

We constantly scan the technical edge of the industry, and at times push that edge with our own innovations, which helps us bring together the best elements of hardware, software and design to build business security systems that meet our business customers’ needs. While we have long-standing preferred partner relationships with the top manufacturers in the security industry, we are not beholden to any particular product or supplier for the specific business security systems we design, install and monitor. The most important aspect in our business is making sure all of our customers are safe and satisfied with our work and their business security system.

We understand that choosing an integrated business security system and the right company to design, install and monitor that system is a complex decision. To help make that vital judgment, HiTech Security is pleased to provide you with this tool - it's a scorecard to help you evaluate potential security partners. It's based on a federally funded security study conducted several years ago in New York. We've crystallized the results from that study, added some of our own benchmarks based on our 25-plus years of experience, and crafted this list:

If a security vendor is trying to sell you a business security system and can't or won't immediately embrace these 15 points, and provide documentation to show how their company performs in each of these areas, then they are not at the top level of system design, installation or customer service.

15 Points you should insist on in a Business Security System

5 Points you should insist on from your Business Security Provider

  • At least five customer references in your area / industry.
  • Name brand security system equipment.
  • Complete systems integration capability including video surveillance, access control, intrusion, and fire alarm systems which can all be networked and provide a full range of remote monitoring services via telephone, radio frequency, and internet.
  • Full disclosure, in advance, of all makes and models of equipment being proposed and a hands-on trial or demonstration at a reference site.
  • Non-proprietary open-market product lines so you don't get locked-in to one technology.

5 Points you should insist on in your Business Security System and Installation

  • Licensed systems technicians to do the work (required in most states).
  • Fail-safe system monitoring, which includes no signal transmission delays; radio frequency back-up communication links; automatic test signals to monitoring center at least weekly; dispatch response measured in seconds, not minutes and low false dispatch rate due to enhanced verification procedures.
  • Support infrastructure including MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers).
  • Quality installation practices including soldering for all wire splices and a separate zone for each device. This is vital for reliability.
  • Professional project management capability - case studies of installations similar in design and scale to your own.

5 Points you should insist on for Business Security System Maintenance and Alarm Monitoring

  • A service team on site within 24 hours of your call.
  • A 24-hour, 365-day a year technical assistance line staffed by trained personnel.
  • Local U.L. listed, central monitoring station.
  • Substantial on-call technical team covering a broad geographical region for emergency service.
  • Flexibility and documented capability to provide enhanced on-site service response plans to meet your specific business needs. These may include on-site response time of 4 hours or less, annual preventive maintenance & system testing programs, automatic software upgrades, user training/retraining programs, etc.