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NVR DVR Camera Systems

HiTech NVR DVR Camera Systems let you control exactly what live or archived video you see and when.


NVR (Network Video Recorder) Camera Servers record and broadcast high quality Megapixel IP Camera video and audio data over standard computer TCP/IP networks. For large installations, the NVR should be on a dedicated network to reduce traffic to the user network.



The difference with DVR video recording over standard tape is that the pictures are archived on an advanced media platform for you to access at any time. An example of this ... is a a hard drive versus tape. This takes into account basic space and multiplication. Likewise, DVR allows you to play back pre-recorded video while continuing to record live action. Moreover, search functions allow the admin to fast forward or rewind to any previously recorded video and additionally to search particular parts of the live screen for action.


HiTech is an experienced provider of NVR DVR frameworks. Affordability and reliability you can count on.

Another feature that makes HiTech's NVR DVR solutions stand out from the competition is that while most security providers allow you to see live video via your cellphone, we include an app that allows you to search through archived video as you would through the traditional client software. This feature is included at no additional cost and is good to go for advanced cells, BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, and even the new iPads.